New team photos!

Due to the great weather and availability of all the 27 (!) team members of the Physiological Plant Ecology group we were able to take a new team photo in front of the historical Viktoriahaus in the Botanical Garden.
Roping training at the Hölstein crane site 1

Rope training at the Hölstein crane site

On April 29th 2019, members of the PPE group participated in a one-day rope training at the crane facility at Hölstein. Sebastian Wolf (ETH Zürich) instructed the technical and scientific PPE members working at our crane site in basic…
Gymnasium Laufen

Gymnasium Laufen visits PPE crane site

On March 28th 2019, we welcomed final grade students from the Gymnasium Laufen (BL) for an excursion to our field site at Hölstein. The students were introduced to the ongoing research activities at the crane site and enjoyed the…
Sibylle Lustenberger passes her Master's exam

Sibylle Lustenberger passes her Master's exam

Congratulations to Sibylle Lustenberger in passing her Master's exam on Thursday March 28th.
Basel Botany Snow Day 2019

Botany Snow Day 2019

The annual Basel Botany snow day took place on Wednesday, March 13th at Pizol. Many members of the group were able to join, and we experienced the full range of winter weather, from cloud, to sun, to fresh snow. Santiago was the star of the…

New paper by Marc-Andre Cormier explaining metabolic effects in plants on hydrogen isotopes in lipids and cellulose appeared on the cover of Oecologia

In this paper, Marc-Andre compares the hydrogen isotope composition of lipids and cellulose in heterotrophic plants and compares these to their autotrophic hosts or reference plants. In general he finds that both compounds are…
Leonie Schoenbeck PhD defense

Congratulations to Leonie Schoenbeck on her PhD defense

Leonie Schoenbeck successfully defended her PhD on February 28th
André Kühne

André Kühne joins the PPE group as a field-technician and crane operator

André comes with a background in construction, and will offer support for field work and serve as a crane operator at the SCCII site in Hölstein.

The PPE group welcomes three new PhD students this week

Pictured in photo from left to right: Santiago Perez Bernal, Cedric Zahnd, Patrick Möhl

Open PostDoc position

The Physiological Plant Ecology group is looking for a PostDoc in Stable Isotope Physiology and Global Change Ecology (80%, start in spring 2019)

Open Position: Field Technician / Crane Operator

The PPE group is looking for a field technician / crane operator (70-80%) to start in March 2019 for the duration of 4 years.
ISCB symposium

Congratulations to Devesh Singh on his recent award

Devesh Singh won an award for his work entitled “Bioirrigation, facilitated via a common mycorrhizal network, supports the water relations of finger millet in intercropping system with pigeon pea during drought”.
New paper published by Lars Dietrich in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology on the response of trees to short rain events during drought conditions

New paper published by Lars Dietrich in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology on the response of trees to short rain events during drought conditions

Decreasing amounts of precipitation and more frequent dry periods will challenge temperate European forests in the future. During such dry periods, short drought-intermitting rainfall events might be the only renewing water source for…

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Canopy Crane II Research Featured in Volksstimme

The long-term study being conducted at the Swiss Canopy Crane II research site at Hölstein was featured recently in the linked article from Volksstimme (in German). Access requires subscription for recent content.
Tiffany Fioroni Master's

Congratulations to Graduating Master's students

On Friday, November 16 the 2017 and 2018 classes of graduating Master's students in Biology received their diplomas. Several students from the PPE group were in attendance, including Tiffany Fioroni (pictured in photo). Congratulations…