"BaZ" article about Basel, Botany & the renovated botanical institute

"Während Basels Botanik blüht sterben die Gingkos" Ein "Hick-up" Artikel von Martin Hicklin erschienen in der BaZ vom 5. Juni 2018.

News article introducing the Swiss Canopy Crane II forest-climate project in Hölstein (BaZ, 2018/04/01)

20-jähriger Stresstest für den Hölsteiner Wald, BaZ Artikel
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Swiss Canopy Crane II project kick-off in Hölstein: the spectacular construction of the crane

The set up of the crane with the help of big machines and helicopters on top of the Schoren hill has attracted a lot of attention. The SDA (Swiss Telegrafic Agency), the Swiss TV "SRF ", the local newspapers "Basellandschaftliche Zeitung"...

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Student Poster Award for Raphael Weber

The 2017 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards is awarded to Raphael Weber for the poster entitled: "Shaded trees save their carbon"
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ERC Consolidator Grant for Ansgar Kahmen (Uni News 2018/02/02)

ERC Consolidator Grant für Basler Pflanzenwissenschaftler Ansgar Kahmen (Uni News vom 2. Februar 2017) Anhand von botanischen Archiven erforscht der Pflanzenwissenschaftler Ansgar Kahmen an der Universität Basel, wie sich Pflanzen in den...

EXPO 2015 in Mailand (Uni News 2015/04/08)

Prof. Ansgar Kahmen and Dr. Cristina Moreno presented their research approach about the topic «Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life» at the Expo 2015 in Milano.