Anja Schmutz passes her Master's exam

Congratulations to Anja Schmutz in passing her Master's exam on Friday September 7th.
Meisha Holloway-Phillips

Meisha Holloway-Phillips joined our team as Postdoc

We warmly welcome Meisha Holloway-Phillips as a new postdoc in our team. Meisha will work on hydrogen isotopes in plant organic compounds in the context of the ERC project HYDROCARB. Specifically she will address biochemical, physiological...

News article in BZ Basel highlights research on the impacts of severe drought on trees in the region

The topic is especially relevant this year as the area experiences one of the driest summers on record.

Melanie Egli passes her Master's exam

Congratulations to Melaine Egli in passing her Master's exam on Friday August 31st.
lars dietrich

New publication by Lars Dietrich in Journal of Ecology

Lars Dietrich has published a new paper from his PhD - "No role for xylem embolism or carbohydrate shortage in temperate trees during the severe 2015 drought"

Telebasel Report "Hightec-Wald von Hölstein" (2018/08/15)

Sendung vom 15.08.2018: Der Hightec-Wald von Hölstein: In einem einzigartigen Experiment erforscht ein Team der Uni Basel in Hölstein während der nächsten 20 Jahre die Auswirkungen des Klima-Wandels auf den Wald. Welche Bäume überleben...

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New publication by Nadine Brinkmann in New Phytologist

Nadine Brinkmann has published a new paper from her PhD - "Employing stable isotopes to determine the residence times of soil water and the temporal origin of water taken up by Fagus sylvatica and Picea abies in a temperate forest"
Jurriaan de Vos Herbarien Basel

The Herbaria Basel in the "Basler Zeitung" (2018/07/12)

Die Herbarien Basel in der Basler Zeitung: "Basel hat das älteste Herbarium der Welt – nun soll es nationales Kulturgut werden" BaZ Artikel vom 12.07.2018: Bottmingen. In einer ehemaligen Lagerhalle in einem Gewerbequartier der Basler...

2 open PhD positions

We are seeking a PhD in Physiological Plant Ecology and a PhD student in Agroecology and Plant-Microbe Interactions

"BaZ" article about Basel, Botany & the renovated botanical institute

"Während Basels Botanik blüht sterben die Gingkos" Ein "Hick-up" Artikel von Martin Hicklin erschienen in der BaZ vom 5. Juni 2018.

News article introducing the Swiss Canopy Crane II forest-climate project in Hölstein (BaZ, 2018/04/01)

20-jähriger Stresstest für den Hölsteiner Wald, BaZ Artikel
aufbau kran

Swiss Canopy Crane II project kick-off in Hölstein: the spectacular construction of the crane

The set up of the crane with the help of big machines and helicopters on top of the Schoren hill has attracted a lot of attention. The SDA (Swiss Telegrafic Agency), the Swiss TV "SRF ", the local newspapers "Basellandschaftliche Zeitung"...

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Student Poster Award for Raphael Weber

The 2017 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards is awarded to Raphael Weber for the poster entitled: "Shaded trees save their carbon"
kahmen pic

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ERC Consolidator Grant for Ansgar Kahmen (Uni News 2018/02/02)

ERC Consolidator Grant für Basler Pflanzenwissenschaftler Ansgar Kahmen (Uni News vom 2. Februar 2017) Anhand von botanischen Archiven erforscht der Pflanzenwissenschaftler Ansgar Kahmen an der Universität Basel, wie sich Pflanzen in den...

EXPO 2015 in Mailand (Uni News 2015/04/08)

Prof. Ansgar Kahmen and Dr. Cristina Moreno presented their research approach about the topic «Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life» at the Expo 2015 in Milano.