PPE Group Featured in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung recently published a story on the increasing impact that the combination of high temperature and drought are having on our regions forests. Work by the PPE Group at Hoelstein was discussed in the article, with...

New paper in New Phytologist on tree recovery from drought

Matthias Arend and colleagues from Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU published a letter in New Phytologist that sheds new light on the recovery of trees from drought. They summarize in...
Rachel MSc

Rachel Patthey passes her master's exam

Congratulations to Rachel for passing her master's exam in Plant Sciences on May 15! Good luck, we all hope you enjoyed your social distance celebration, and wish that we could have joined you!

Patrícia dos Santos and Jurriaan de Vos receive new funding for fieldwork in the Canary Islands

Funding comes from the Stiftung zur Förderung der Pflanzenkenntnis, and will support fieldwork on the islands of El Hierro and Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The project "The eco-morphological diversification of the genus Aeonium...

Botany Snow Day 2020

The annual Basel Botany snow day took place on Friday, February 21st at Engelberg. We had nice conditions and great views! There was some skiing, ski instruction, some sledding, some food, and lots of fun! 

Song-Wei Wang joins the PPE group as a new PhD student

We are pleased to welcome Song-Wei Wang to the PPE group. Song-Wei comes to our group after obtaining his MSc degree from the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he worked on phenology and leaf maturation in...

New paper in Global Change Biology suggests no carbon limitation of aboveground growth in alpine plants

Patrick Möhl, Erika Hiltbrunner, and Christian Körner addressed the question whether biomass production in the most common type of alpine grassland in the Alps is carbon limited. Instead of varying the CO2 supply, they adopted another...
PSC awards

PPE PhD students win awards at the Plant Science Center Symposium

Congratulations to Patrick Möhl and Florian Cueni for their awards at the Plant Science Center Symposium! Patrick and Florian both won awards for their posters on their respective PhD research topics. Patrick was awarded the first place...

New paper on stomatal regulation of intercellular CO2 and H2O concentrations published in Plant Physiology

Matthias Arend co-authored a new paper published by Cernusak et al. in Plant Physiology that explores the function of stomata in controlling intercellular H2O and CO2 concentrations during leaf gas exchange. Taking advantage of genetically...

Yating Li joins the PPE group as a new PhD student

We are pleased to welcome Yating Li to the PPE group. Yating comes to our group on a Chinese fund (Chinese Scholarship Council, CSC), and will work with PD Dr. Günter Hoch on cold temperature effects on water uptake in temperate tree...

News article in the Volksstimme: Forests will change because of drought

Last week a local primary school class visited the SCCII research site to learn more about the forest and its ecosystem. A journalist from Baselbiet accompanied the group to report on the experience. As the article in the link explains, the...
BC 2019

PPE Block Course Underway

The annual PPE Block Course in Plant Biology began last week. We welcome this year's class and are excited for the many opportunities for learning about stable isotope ecology and plant physiological ecology from both a theoretical and...
GfÖ Annual Meeting

PPE Group Presents at GfÖ Annual Meeting

Many members of the PPE group attended the GfÖ Annual Meeting 2019, which was held from September 09 to 13, 2019 in Münster, Germany. In total the PPE group gave nine separate presentations. More details on the meeting can be found at the...

Eligio Amicabile passes his master's exam

Congratulations to Eligio for passing his master's exam in Plant Sciences on September 6!

Arthur Brêchet passes his master's exam

Congratulations to Arthur for passing his master's exam in Plant Sciences on September 5th!