PPE research at Hölstein featured on SRF 1 radio series

Research at the Swiss Canopy Crane II site at Hölstein was recently discussed on the SRF 1 summer radio series ‘Leidenschaft Holz’ (‘Passion for Wood’). Listen to the broadcast at the link below (in german). 

New paper in New Phytologist on tree recovery from drought

Matthias Arend and colleagues from Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU published a letter in New Phytologist that sheds new light on the recovery of trees from drought. They summarize in…

News article in the Volksstimme: Forests will change because of drought

Last week a local primary school class visited the SCCII research site to learn more about the forest and its ecosystem. A journalist from Baselbiet accompanied the group to report on the experience. As the article in the link explains, the…

Article in "Le Temps" features PPE research on Swiss forest response to recent droughts

A recent article published in "Le Temps" features PPE research on the vulnerability of Swiss forests to drought events. The article highlights the important role for combinations of low rainfall and high temperature, as well as the impacts…

PPE group research on forest sensitivity to drought featured on Telebasel

The combined effects of drought and elevated temperature during the warmest summer ever recorded in the Basel region had a large impact on the region’s forests, with widespread tree death and damage. Research in the PPE group continues to…