New paper in PNAS about hydraulic collapse as the cause of drought-induced mortality in conifers

Matthias Arend, Rachel Patthey, Günter Hoch, Ansgar Kahmen, and their co-authors conducted an important study on the mechanisms of tree mortality during the unprecedented Central European summer drought in 2018. The study tracked dynamic…

New paper on drought responses in grasslands published in Biogeosciences

Claudia Hahn publishes important new findings on the drought responses of temperate grasslands in the current issue of Biogeosciences. The study shows for the first time that grasslands respond differently to drought in different parts of…

A new paper that appeared in PNAS this month reveals strong effects of soil water availability on carbon transport in mature trees

Dry soils can significantly reduce the transport of carbon assimilates from the canopy to roots in trees. A new publication in PNAS describes the result of a large-scale 13C-labelling experiment with mature Scotts pine trees at the…

PPE research at Hölstein featured on SRF 1 radio series

Research at the Swiss Canopy Crane II site at Hölstein was recently discussed on the SRF 1 summer radio series ‘Leidenschaft Holz’ (‘Passion for Wood’). Listen to the broadcast at the link below (in german). 

New paper in New Phytologist on tree recovery from drought

Matthias Arend and colleagues from Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU published a letter in New Phytologist that sheds new light on the recovery of trees from drought. They summarize in…