What are Phytotrons?

Phytotrons are indoor plant growth facilities that provide precisely controllable climatic conditions for experimental plant research. Experiments with plants under defined climatic conditions are important to understand how plants respond to and interact with their abiotic environment. The new phytotron facility is a world-wide unique facility. It  provides the opportunity to study plant - climate interactions across an extremely broad range of conditions that can range from tropical to desert. Setpoints for all climatic factors can be programmed at a high temporal resolution, enabling even the indoor-simulation of real-world climate records from meteo-stations.

Light Technology


Light is provided by a state of the art, four channel LED system (blue, white, red and near-infrared LEDs), where each channel can be individually controlled. LEDs are mounted on 18 panels that together form the movable light-ceiling of a chamber. The extremely low heat radiation of LEDs allow a precise and accurate control of temperature and humidity within the chambers as it is necessary for our research.