PPE PhD students win awards at the Plant Science Center Symposium

PSC awards

Congratulations to Patrick Möhl and Florian Cueni for their awards at the Plant Science Center Symposium!

Patrick and Florian both won awards for their posters on their respective PhD research topics. Patrick was awarded the first place prize for his work on carbon limitation, and Florian received third place for his work on testing the geographic origin of crops. 

PSC Symposium 2019: Plant Response to Environment across Scales | ETH Zurich | 11 Dec 2019

1st prize - Carbon limitation: facts or fiction? - Patrick Möhl, Erika Hiltbrunner, Christian Körner

3rd prize - Predicting the geographic origin of berries using mechanistic oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope models - Florian Cueni, Daniel B. Nelson, Markus Boner, Ansgar Kahmen