PPE Group Presents at GfÖ Annual Meeting

GfÖ Annual Meeting

Many members of the PPE group attended the GfÖ Annual Meeting 2019, which was held from September 09 to 13, 2019 in Münster, Germany. In total the PPE group gave nine separate presentations. More details on the meeting can be found at the link below. 

Ansgar Kahmen, Matthias Arend, Allan Buras, Henrik Hartmann, Günter Hoch, Nadine Rühr, Bernhard Schuldt, Yann Vitasse, AK Ökosystemforschung  Vulnerability of temperate forest to drought: Physiological insights form the 2003, 2015 and 2018 extreme events 

Rachel Patthey, Ansgar Kahmen, Matthias Arend: Can continuous recordings of stem diameter variations be used to predict canopy water potential in mature trees during extreme drought events? 

Marc-Andre Cormier, Roland A. Werner, Ansgar Kahmen: Differential deuterium enrichment occurring during the synthesis of organic compounds under different metabolisms affects hydrological signal of n-alkanes and α-cellulose

Meisha Holloway-Phillips, Günter Hoch, Leonie Schönbeck, Ansgar Kahmen: The hydrogen isotope composition of cellulose is related to the carbon status of leaves 

Cedric Zahnd, Matthias Arend, Ansgar Kahmen, Günter Hoch: EXPLOTREE - Exploring the upper hidden half of trees  

Leonie Schönbeck, Arthur Gessler, Marcus Schaub, Andreas Rigling, Günter Hoch, Ansgar Kahmen, Mai-He Li : Fertilization stimulates carbon allocation to belowground sinks during drought 

Günter Hoch, Raphael Weber, Arthur Gessler, Henrik Hartmann, Simon Landhäusser, Andrea Schwendener, Erin Wiley: High carbon storage in trees at long-term carbon limitation 

Matthias Arend, Günter Hoch, Rachel Patthey, Bernhard Schuldt, Roman Link, Ansgar Kahmen: Impact of the extreme summer drought 2018 on the physiological integrity of European tree species 

Arthur Gessler, Jobin Joseph, Leonie Schönbeck, Jörg Lister, Rahel Mösch, Maihe Li, Martina Peter, Corinne Bloch, Günter Hoch, Marcus Schaub, Gao Decai, Frank Hagedorn: Belowground processes drive carbon allocation in trees under drought