New paper on stomatal regulation of intercellular CO2 and H2O concentrations published in Plant Physiology


Matthias Arend co-authored a new paper published by Cernusak et al. in Plant Physiology that explores the function of stomata in controlling intercellular H2O and CO2 concentrations during leaf gas exchange. Taking advantage of genetically engineered poplar plants with impaired stomatal closure, this study characterizes the responses of leaf gas exchange and intercellular 13C and 18O concentrations to increasing vapor pressure deficits. The study highlights the role of stomata in preventing unsaturation of the intercellular vapor pressure and provides new fundamental information for estimating leaf gas exchange under fluctuating environmental conditions.

Cernusak LA, Goldsmith GR, Arend M, Siegwolf RTW (2019) Effect of vapor pressure deficit on gas exchange in wild-type and abscisic acid-insensitive plants. DOI:10.1104/pp.19.00436